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  1. dongrgic says:

    Really enjoying reading your mobile economic research posts. Maybe you can keep track of how many of the people servig you on your trip are absorbed in their smartphones doing other stuff instead of focusing on teh customer..

    • tonyozanne says:

      Sure Don can keep an eye out for that, but one thing from today is a sudden lack in the ability for shops to take credit or debit cards!

      Two places including the tourism centre cafe at the twelve apostles don’t take plastic only cold hard cash!! Who carries cash these days! Had to dig deep to find some to buy lunch here in Port Campbell!

      • dongrgic says:

        That is surprising. I know at country craft stalls that is often the case, but even at the markets in Kingston (ACT), most of the traders have mobile payments platforms. Looks like my plan of ditching the wallet and going fully electronic may have to wait a while.