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  1. Don says:

    Great post Tony. This is a real issue. I have experienced it myself and it does have negative implications in many ways. And I also agree that there are cultures where time is not the focus, however we live and work in fast changing times.
    To counter the time wastage, I have set some personal rules and they are.
    I am always on time, and if I am running late (as sometimes happens due to unforeseen circumstances) you will get a call.
    I start my meetings on time. If you aren’t there.. tough.
    If someone is more than 5 minutes late, without notification.. I move on to the next item on my list. I will not wait.
    This may seem a little heavy handed.. but let’s face it. I have limited time on this earth and I’m not going to waste it waiting around for someone who does not respect it.

    • Tony Ozanne says:

      Thanks Don, looks like we share common views of poor punctuality!
      I don’t think it is heavy handed at all, but simply shows you value your time as a precious commodity.