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 “When cost is number one in importance, you’ve already lost.”

Jim Rembach, Six Sigma Consultant

We are all consumers and all address the price equation in various ways, whether it be looking for the lowest price, the best package or bundle, or assessing the value, quality or experience compared to the price.

When looking at aquiring a Business Coach, Speaker or Workshop facilitator price is important. You want to get a good quality product for the best value based (usually) within some pre-determined budget.

When you explore these pages  you will see all the transparency of  my prices for the fixed delivery items such as workshops etc. Coaching and consulting on the other hand has too many variables as to time, work required and length of service provision, so to avoid confusion these are not all listed. I would sooner meet with you to discuss your coaching or consulting needs and formulate some options for you to consider.

I believe in being open and transparent, so if you have a budget and I’m above it, then you will have to re-evaluate your options or ask yourself the question of ‘what is the outcome I want to get for my investment?’

Using an external provider is a method to build and grow your business, so pricing shouldn’t be the number one decision, return is. Remember the value for money is the most important aspect to consider- will you get the return and business or personal benefits from the service to cover the outlay?

Services provided to businesses should be designed to add value to the overall business. It is important to look at such options as an investment in your business rather than an expense.