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“When cost is number one in importance, you’ve already lost.”

Jim Rembach, Six Sigma Consultant


Business Coaching Programs

 Business coaching has three main components:

  1.             It takes you out of the day-to-day of running your business and helps you think about your objectives and how to achieve them.
  2.             It allows an independent third-party person (your coach) to look at your business, your goals and your ideas unburdened by what you know already (or what you think you know but perhaps are just assuming).
  3.             It uses a structured and methodical system (Audit, Plan, Action) to analyse your business (and you) and guides you (through the program) as to what to do, and when to do it in order to achieve your goals and address the things holding you back.

Free Business Coaching Session

If you are unsure about business coaching and would like to give it a try, then the Free Business Coaching Session is for you.


  •             1:1 Coaching Session with Tony at your location, my location, a coffee shop or even via Skype/ Zoom/ Teams etc or phone.
  •             You will be explained the business coaching process, and how it can specifically apply to your business
  •             You will have a “mini-audit” of your business completed so you can “try out” some business coaching for free, but more importantly this session will bring about ideas and opportunities for your business that you may have not thought about. This aspect alone is of high value to you regardless of any next steps, as often you may not have spoken to anyone about these business issues and opportunities.
  •             There is no obligation to continue (but of course I will ask you if you would like a detailed proposal for an ongoing business coaching program).


Ongoing Coaching Structure

Coaching can be a casual, weekly, fortnightly or monthly face to face or online process, and distance is no barrier as a solution and option can be developed to meet your needs. The needs of you and your business are the key goal throughout the process, and I am more than happy to work with you to find a coaching solution that meets your time, location and more importantly- budget.

Coaching Process

Ideally a process of Audit completion, business goal Planning then Action of tasks are the critical steps to successful coaching. Underlying all this is your Intentionality to want to change and grow your business.

A typical coaching arrangement would be over a 12 month time-frame (although I don’t lock you into any nasty contracts – 4 month minimum is required for ongoing coaching, or even a week by week if a casual approach is taken). This is to allow the detailed business Audit and Audit Report to be completed, and to build on the Planning side of things. With this in mind, it isn’t often until the 2nd or 3rd month that actual ‘doing’ occurs.

The Business Audit is built into the pricing of the ongoing coaching programs, as it is  a critical and non negotiable starting point. For casual arrangements, we usually complete a modified version of the audit.

For those who simply want to buy the Audit as a stand alone product (not recommended) this can  sold independently for $2500 + GST.

Business Consulting Programs

Sometimes a you just wants to get some things done in your business by someone else, and that’s fine.

With this option, I use a different approach and will come into your business to work on the areas you need developing, whether it be:

– to build a Systems and Processes policy document

– create People Processes i.e. Job Roles, Performance Management systems

– Develop procedures and work flows.

– Deliver training etc.

The prices for this will be based on time and outcomes to complete the task and after an initial consultation a more detailed and accurate quote can be supplied.

For either Coaching or Consulting book a free session with me to discuss your needs.