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Christmas- A Time For Reflection and Giving!

With only days to go before the much hyped Christmas Day, if you are like most people you are in the mad rush and frantic search for the perfect gift for those close to you, and worrying about what to eat and cook for the main meal of the day. This is time when billions of dollars are flushed through the store registers and thousands of additional calories are consumed through our mouths, but it is not like this for all people out there.


This Christmas, take some time to reflect and even act for those who don’t or more importantly, can’t join in these excesses that the majority of us share. Think about the homeless, the poor, those who have lost loved ones and spending their first Christmas alone, or the elderly, those who are misplaced or separated from their families…there are so many categories out there for whom  this will be another day, all be it maybe a sadder day than normal as they are reminded of the hurt of their situations.


Take the time this year to consider what it is like to wake up Christmas Day cold and homeless.

What about waking up to no gifts because the family simply can’t afford to buy any?

Consider the elderly who’s family don’t come home to see them, or won’t see them.

How about not only not enjoying Christmas lunch, but not being sure what you will eat this year at all on Christmas Day?


If you are one of the fortunate ones who will enjoy the excesses of Christmas, what is it that you can do to ‘make a small difference’ in the life or day for someone in such a situation this year, and ‘give back’?


There are many options to do so…….


You can make a donation to a worthy cause. I always give to the Salvation Army at this time of the year as I believe they do a great cause.

You could offer to volunteer at a meal shelter for a meal for the homeless

Buy a stranger a meal or even a coffee

Offer some warmth or a blanket to the homeless.

Simply say “Merry Christmas” to strangers in the street to cheer them up.

Call in on the elderly and check they are OK or take them some food.


You would be surprised how much difference a small gesture can make to those not as well off as you. I got the chance to experience this joy on Friday night at the MCG when I took my son to the cricket. I was in line to collect my tickets I had pre purchased, and I had one spare ticket as my daughter didn’t go. As I was in line I heard the man next to me ask for a kids ticket, so I interrupted him and told I had a spare one he could have. Clearly he wasn’t in the above categories, but the shock, surprise and joy that came to him from simply being offered was priceless. He offered money for the ticket, but I said, “No, Merry Christmas- enjoy!” and walked off….I hope he and his son had as much joy as we did.


So this year, take the time to not only enjoy your Christmas, but also take the time to reflect, and consider how you can make a small difference to someone elses Christmas, after all it is about the spirit of giving….


MERRY CHRISTMAS and a safe New Year.

Tony Ozanne

Image from -Aleksandr Kutsayev


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