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Business Success = Execution

I have recently read a great book related to all our daily business lives as it is one of the key challenges that are faced daily. ‘Execution- the discipline of getting things done’ (Bossidy & Charan). This book is highly recommended for all business leaders and for today, I will focus on the first key building block, and this involves the roles of the leader (YOU!). Bossidy says that execution is the key responsibility of the business leader; we have to make it happen. It won’t happen for us, and as a result it takes discipline to execute on a daily basis.

In order to help facilitate an execution based approach, there are 7 keys behaviours that Bossidy lists as critical to the leader in the journey to becoming an execution based leader:

Know your people and your business (be involved in the detail and know the real issues)

Insist on realism (don’t get ‘buried’ in the fluff- truth over harmony)

Set clear goals and priorities (SMART goals, business plans, strategic plans)

Follow through (hold people accountable for the above plans)

Reward the doers (differentiate high performers)

Expand peoples capabilities (develop your people)

Know yourself (you don’t have to be the master of all- understand your gaps)

By completing a quick self-assessment of yourself as a leader on these areas you may identify an opportunity to allow your business to execute better. It is often a challenge juggling so many balls, but take the time to reflect and see how execution based your leadership is. If you are constantly frustrated by not ‘getting things done’ then the ‘Execution’ book comes highly recommended, or there is always a Small Fish Business Coach to help you execute as well!

Good luck. Tony Ozanne


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