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Get a life…….

We all work hard and in fact probably work harder now than in many years gone past. Given the digital world and the constant ‘need’ or ‘expectation’ to be online and available it is no longer a case of working 9 till 5 at the office. I’m sure everyone reading this is guilty of sitting at the dinner table, lounge, in the car (naughty), or even on the toilet and using a device to check emails, send a text or doing other online activities which are work related!

The tendency is that we often feel we are irreplaceable or so critical to our business or company that we just have to be there the whole time. If we stop, the business will stop.

Fortunately this is a load of rubbish….in most cases if you weren’t there the cogs would keep turning and the world wouldn’t end. So why don’t you do it? Is it cost, fear, inability to let go or maybe you don’t like doing things with your family and friends!

All business owners (and employees) need to take YOU time….need to get away and re-charge the batteries as the benefits outweigh the costs.

So why should you ‘get a life’ and take a break if you are a business owner?

1) It gives you a chance to de-stress and relax. If you can get away without internet access, phone access or contact with the office this is the best solution, and is a great way to test the systems and processes you have in place, and allows others to step up and show their skills.

2) It allows you to spend time with family, friends, or partners and ‘be there’ for them to ay back some of that neglect that may have occurred over the past period of time. Your kids will love spending time with you and even your partner might too!

3) You may have that ‘big idea’ if you are away from the business and not purposely thinking about it, ideas may come to mind for when you get back. **WARNING** Don’t have a great idea, then change all your plans and fly back home to execute. This mightn’t go over too well!

4) You can use some of that hard earnt money and see the word or your own backyard. Use it or lose it is a good approach.

5) Productivity at your business may actually increase without you there! Maybe you are a bottleneck and others may step up and show their abilities. This is a win-win, as if this happens, it may in fact show you that your business doesn’t need you, so you can start having some of the work-life balance and actually live some of the initial goals of going into business.

At a bare minimum, you should get away for a decent holiday each year. Think about it, as a boss, you probably force your staff to take their 4 weeks each year, so do the same yourself. I know it sounds scary to start with, so do it in baby steps. A weekend, a long weekend, a week, 2 weeks then longer and longer as your fears and concerns disappear.

So what are you waiting for. Pick up the phone and call your travel agent and start planning and looking forward to your next holiday. You, your family and your business will be all that better for the decision.

If you need help planning and determining how you can take that step to a life, feel free to contact me for assistance.

Tony Ozanne


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