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“Keeping the doors open”- a new option for managing cash flow!


Many business owners I come across tend to have a common problem in what is otherwise a healthy business model, and that is cash flow. Cash flow is critical to the success or failure for all businesses and tends to be an issue for larger businesses with large-scale products or services. In a very short period of time and due to poor payments a viable business can face serious financial stress if a cash flow management plan doesn’t’ exist.

With this scenario in the background, today I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Imad Maatouk from FIFO Capital. Imad is a serial business owner in Canberra having owed a number of successful iconic brands over the year and is still involved in several. Imad’s latest business is as the owner of the Canberra office of FIFO Capital. I must admit I had never heard of them, or their offering, but following the meeting I saw this business as a potential life saver for many local business owners.

A very simple explanation of what Imad does, is he “buys your current invoicing from you (be it one or several), and pays you 80% of the invoice value virtually immediately” with the balance – minus his, fee paid once the final amount is received. Fifo Capital can help you unlock that Capital that is tied up in invoices, allowing you the confidence to grow and advance your business.

You can use FIFO Capital’s services as a ‘once off’ or form a longer-term relationship and hand over your larger invoices or any that you need to transform into cash immediately. Imad has a great philosophy and approach, but really prides himself on being an added resource for business owners, and has already ‘saved’ a few businesses with his service.

As a coach dealing with several businesses, I know there are many local businesses that I have met who definitely could have utilized such as service and it has a perfect fit with trades, builders and other businesses who have those large liabilities and sit daily desperately waiting for payment!

Whilst I have no official affiliation or financial arrangement with Imad or FIFO Capital, I do strongly believe that this is a fantastic service that can help many businesses whether for that once off cash injection or ongoing support. It is definitely worth having a chat with Imad to find out more about how it all works- and it is simple!

Tell him I sent you along…..

Tony Ozanne





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