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Lesson in business from Istanbul

IMG_1002I have spent the last 5 days in Istanbul including Anzac Cove for  the attendance of the dawn service at Gallipoli. One thing stands out as a major difference in nearly all businesses, especially in the food and beverage sector when comparing to like businesses in Australia – Free Wifi.

Why is this such a big lesson?

Walking past, or being a customer in such locations sees an array of people sitting on devices such as phones, ipads or laptops and all are there for a long time. Longer than what we would traditionally see at home, where we may grab a coffee and leave. From watching the guests, they don’t just have one drink, they stay a lot longer, and have several, clearing increasing the average spend during their visit.  What business wouldn’t like to increase their ‘share of wallet’ from their existing customers?

Having access to the internet not only adds to the convenience to get things done (such as writing blogs) but it allows the traveller to check in and make contact back home, or simply browse online – while at the same time spending more at the business!

I have spoken to many businesses in Australia about getting free wifi in their cafes or restaurants, and the common reluctance is ‘people will just stay longer’…..seriously? Sure they will stay longer, but they will most probably have 2 coffees instead of one, or have cake, or even stay for lunch. Who knows, they may even arrange to hold their meetings there and bring others to the business as well! All of these appear to be an upside to me, not a negative of people ‘hogging’ a table.

Adding free wifi to your business can have a major benefit, and be a draw card to your business over the one next door who doesn’t offer it, and most probably you have a connection there anyway, so wy not leverage it, as the additional cost increase will surely be repaid by the revenue gains.

What is your view on free wifi in businesses? Would it make a difference to you?

Tony Ozanne

Tony_03Tony Ozanne is an experienced Business Coach and Strategic Advisor to small to medium businesses across Australia. With experience on both sides of the franchising spectrum spending 23 years with the world’s largest restaurant chain Yum Restaurants International before becoming a franchisee himself when starting his coaching practice, he has seen the good, the bad and the ugly of the industry. Using his vast experience in this sector Tony now helps business owners build systems, process and planning into their model.
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