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Olympic Inspiration!

Today I got my own piece of Olympic inspiration….

For some unknown reason, a mate and I are doing a 120km ride in September in Victoria as a part of the Amy’s Ride- The Gran Fondo from Lorne to Lorne via Apollo Bay, and some scary hills inland. We haven’t done a lot of training, and I am certainly no athlete, but we have started our sporadic campaign again recently.

We went for a 60km ride yesterday, and I have to admit it wasn’t that bad, but i had a niggle in my knee all ride, and again this morning. Easy I thought, I will let it rest (in other words was about to use it as an excuse not to go out today in the wind), but spend time bumming around instead. It was then that I was watching the TV and saw a clip on the Olympics which had a caption “Champions are made by falling over and they get up again”. This made me think…..I can use my sore leg as an excuse, or I can get off my bum, and go for a ride, regardless of distance, It will make me do it….So i did and went for a 30km ride, and the wind was horrendous, and yeah, my leg hurt, but I did it, and feel much better for doing so mentally.

So this got me thinking (which is a worry in itself).

How many times do we do this in business? We get knocked down and then stay there as it is much easier than getting back into it and having another go!

The successful business people that we all read about have had many knock backs- think Richard Branson- or any successful business owner. Business isn’t easy, and wasn’t meant to be, or else everyone would be in it. It is only those who get back up from knockdowns, setbacks or rejections who truly make it in this tough world.

I’m back on the path and won’t let those excuses stop me, in all aspects!

How about you?


Tony Ozanne

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