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When making the decision to hire a coach, it is important to find one whom you can relate to.

It is also critical to do your homework on the potential coach no matter who they are (me included). Ask yourself if you can relate to the person, will they offer the advice and support you need, whilst still being able to challenge you, do they have the commercial experience that you are after etc.

At the end of the day, select a coach who will help you grow YOUR business, as remember it is YOUR business!

Of course, people rarely put negative or constructive testimonials on their site, but here are a selection of associates that you can feel free to contact to get their views on their experience with Tony as their coach.



I believe and I ‘m sure most people could guess that there are a lot of learing curves when you run a small business. You make mistakes and you hopefully learn from them, no one gets it right first time & no one gets it right every time. You have to make hundreds of decisions every day but one thing I have learned is that if you work hard every day then there are only a few big decisions that really impact the direction of your company in a positive way.

I currently have 4 : 1) Going digital – I moved my whole business online and now all my job cards and employees time sheets are accessed and used online. 2) Converting to MYOB from a self built system. 3) Changing Accountants to a financial advisor. 4) Asking for Tony’s (Small Fish) help. I looked in to doing TAFE courses and ANU courses to help teach me all the things I didn’t know about running a business because I was only a sparky who was now off the tools trying to find a direction.

In looking for courses I found Tony, and decided to go with him. He was able to teach me about my business and also in my time. I didn’t have to go to after hour courses to learn how other people run other people’s businesses, I got to learn about my business in my office in my time….. Since starting with Tony my eyes have been opened. There was so much I didn’t know even about my existing situation and also so much I didn’t know about the potential we had. We now have a plan, and I am able to look at our plan to keep focused on what I need to do each day. I would recommend Small Fish and Tony to any small business.

If your unsure feel free to contact me.

 Jason Owner/Director Brownies Electrical 


Ever since we started our one on one coaching with Tony, we find we have a clearer understanding of our business and we have opened up to the possibilities that have now presented themselves. We look forward to implementing the suggestions and methods to grow the way we want to.

Nina Pearce- JPIC Canberra


We have engaged Tony as a Small Fish business coach and the results have been great. He has come in and learnt our business, the tools that we use and the issues that we have and then has set about addressing these issues with great results. He has been proactive in the discussions, he has made us focus on the issues so that we obtain the desired results. He is always early to the meetings and stays to get the job done. He is always happy and ready for a joke. I am looking forward to our meetings and I am looking forward to our ongoing relationship with Tony.

Michael Warnock- Office PCs Canberra


Tony has a wealth of business experience to share and that’s what Small Fish Business Coaching is all about.  Tony’s impact and appearance and how he speaks, is smooth and gracious.  He also follows up on his commitments.  He’s understated rather than being boastful or ego tripping; and he adds value with his recommendations..
 As a Public Speaking Coach,  I respect how Tony goes about speaking to and forming relationships with his clients.  And, he’s a pleasure to know and do business with.

Sofia Majewski- Speak 2 Us Canberra


Tony is a genuine coach, using a clear system with no crap. It’s not cheap, but Tony supplies the sausage, not just the sizzle.

Peter Campbell- Peter Campbell Counselling Canberra


Tony has done a superb job managing the Pizza Hut WA business, forging strong relations with franchisees, and building operations and people capabilities. Tony is a highly dedicated and diligent individual who drives for results and take people on the journey.

Albert Baladi- Managing Director South Pacific- Yum Restaurants International