“Gidday” and Welcome……

If you have stumbled across the site, you have most probably been here more recently than me!

This was an old site for my coaching business, and has been pretty much stagnant, and getting out dated since around 2015 when I resumed my corporate life when some opportunities arose to return to Yum Restaurants Intl in capacities of COO in Pizza Hut Pakistan, and until Jan 2022 the CEO of Pizza Hut in the Western Cape of Sth Africa and Nigeria. I returned to Australia mid January 2022 and currently having a but of a chill and ‘soul searching’.

It was in this process that i have updated and uploaded some of the ‘books’ (a loose term for my daily happenings) which I documented whilst away, when I saw how irrelevant this site is, and even how out of touch I am, as I am still attempting to work out how to remove some old logos etc…so if you have stumbled here, have a read of my lockdown books (3 of them and all free) – If I have set this up correctly you should be able to get from the top menu…..I may sort out this site one day, I i need it…Cheers..Tony