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Sth African Lockdown – 100+ Days

Following on from the epic world class best seller – 100 Days of Lockdown Sth Africa, the story continues in the much anticipated 100+ days of the hard lockdown during the Covid pandemic in Sth Africa.

In this version, I continue to provide riveting and tedious detail of my activities and actions up until the time of managing to secure my first exit of Sth Africa to return home to Australia, and the added bonus is you get to read all about how I managed to occupy myself in a Perth hotel for the full 14days before freedom.

In order to grab a downloadable version of this amazing literary masterpiece see details below, and of course there is no charge for this, as this is not something anyone would like to buy!

If you missed the first 100 days, you can download this from the link / page below (you may need to fill our a form to access it, it was how I set it up on the first instance – not used for any spamming etc).

Access 100 Days of #Lockdown Sth Africa here – First book

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