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Amy’s Gran Fondo- what’s that got to do with business?

I have recently been on an adventure with a business colleague Jeremy Watson to Melbourne, then to Lorne for the 2013 Amy’s Gran Fondo bike ride along the Great Ocean to Apollo Bay, then inland over some horrible hills and back to Lorne on Sunday. So what does this have to do with business? Not much, but the process of Preparation, Planning and Execution is related so I thought I would draw a line between my efforts in these and how it should be done in business!


Any concept for business or a new product require preparation. Whether it be launching a new line, brand or opening a new business you should be prepared.

For this ride I I feeling most unprepared. I have not ridden near enough for the event, and I can certainly say I not the worlds most fit rider or athlete. My riding program has been sporadic, but I have done a few hills which have been a killer, but I am truly hoping this may help with the 2 10km inclines.

If I was to rate my preparation, I am about a 5/10. Having said that, my bike is well prepared. I have had it serviced, with new chain, gear and brake cables, and all the bells and whistles so it is definitely a 10/10 for preparation!


Like all good business ideas, planning is the key. A good strategy and milestones should be established to complete the task to completion.

My planning is to get on the bike and ride, and keep riding. My plan is not to finish in any world record time, or qualify for any other events, but the plan is to complete the course. I am quietly confident having done so last year (hence my poor preparation), but as long as I don’t get picked up by the SAG wagon or miss any cut off times, I will be fine.


You can have the best planning and preparation, but failing to execute, or do defeats the purpose.

My execution starts at 8am Sunday. Only time will tell if these old legs and heart hold up, so I will have to add a post race comment to judge this one.

Regardless of the entire process, the event is for a great cause, and in a beautiful setting (for driving in a car). You do get the chance to sit back and admire the views of the ocean from the Skenes Creek hill climb (usually crying as you are only half way up) but it is an awesome ride.

So as you lay in bed Sunday morning, think of the 4000 riders about to set off from Lorne for this event and don’t apply some of the poor planning and preparation tactics I have used when it comes to your business!

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