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ICF Global Conference- Day 1

Wednesday the 4th saw the first official day of the ICF event.

Although this was the first day there were still the opportunities to engage in the themes of Connect, Learn and Inspire.

With London bringing out a Melbourne-esq styled weather day- the sun was out, then rain, then sun, and now as I write it is raining again the event kicked off to with a massive array of coaches in attendance.

As a ‘newbie’ I attended the new member’s introductory session which was overflowing from the confines of the room. Information was shared, so an element of Learning was generated as to what to expect and how to find our way around the event.

Next it was onto the welcome event with nearly 1000 coaches from over 55 countries packed into the main arena- an inspiring scene. Although a little hesitant and reluctant to engage, and after scanning the attendee list for fellow Aussies (didn’t see a lot, so my attendance was slightly questioned), but I saw this as a positive that I had made the effort and borne the expense to attend, at others’ loss.

After my initial degree of hesitation, I finally got to meet my first foreign colleagues from Sweden and Belgium, with whom I shared some great discussion over an ale at the front of the stage as the speeches and entertainment commenced. One disappointing bit of observation was the degree of ‘lack of attention’ the room was showing to speakers and sponsors as they spoke- not a good example of how as coaches we should engage and listen to others…maybe it was just day one excitement? I hope so.

On a complete separate personal level I also got to connect with an ex colleague and friend with whom I used to work with in Dubai several years ago after about 4 years of not seeing him. This was outside the conference scope, but was great to see him and catch up with everything.

Tomorrow sees the start to the main event and packed agenda, so I expect the degree of learning and connecting will only become enhanced.

Bring on Day 2.

Tony Ozanne

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