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5 Ways To Get My Money!

In my last post I shared 5 Reasons Why I Won’t Buy From You, but let’s look at the good stuff and share how to get my money as a customer. It really isn’t that difficult. We all need to buy things, whether products or services so how come some businesses can do it so well, while others fail? Here are 5 sure-fire methods to ensure I become a raving fan of you, your product or your brand.

1. Know Me

We all strive for attention, whether we admit it or not, and recognition is a simple form of attention. Businesses who know my name, my order or show a general and genuine interest in me win me over all the time. Whether it is a restaurant who knows my name and order as soon as I walk in the door (Ky at Simply Pho Gungahlin, Aymen at Titanic Bankstown, Powan and Ali at Acheliya in Docklands etc) or a hotel who remembers me when I return (Travel Lodge Docklands), it all makes you feel special and I will return again and again.


2. Fulfill My Needs

If I want something – have it!. Simple as that. Don’t try to sell me something else, just give me what I want, answer my questions and serve me. Make my purchase easy and don’t make me follow you all around the store and to multiple counters to pay, it’s annoying.


3. Provide Awesome, Amazing and Unbelievable Service

In general WOW me….

Do the little things that surprise me, engage me, make me laugh, make me feel special. I saw a great example of this at a Gloria Jeans in Coffs Harbour recently. I was in line and the girl serving the person in front of me said to the girl ” I love your nail polish colour” out of the blue and made her feel special. When it was my turn, my sarcastic self held out my hands and said “What about mine?” and she laughed and continued taking my order. She then said, “That colour looks great on you”. I said “Thanks” and then “You are clutching deep there to make me feel special” and we shared a laugh. She didn’t have to, but it made me feel a bit special, even if it was or wasn’t true. The point is she was going out of her way to make a personalised and positive comment to everyone who came in, and she continued doing so as I waited….It isn’t hard, but it shows a great attitude and probably great training on the owners behalf.


4. Be Consistent Everytime

This is particularly true in the food and beverage environment. If I like it once I will come back, like it again and you’ve got me…

I am a creature of habit and if deliver, I will rave about you and bring others. Some that come to mind apart from those in point 1 are:

Alan at ANU Commons Cafe

Coffee Guru Bonner

Yum Cha at Prince Palace Belconnen

Sirens at Gungahlin

Thai Herb Gungahlin

Maybe I’m just giving away my eating habits, but these places are truly consistent in their service and product.


5.Offer Overall Value

Value is one of those words thrown around, but what does it mean? I will gladly pay more if I feel special, get what I want and get good products or service, it isn’t all about the price tag. Deliver on my needs and I’m yours long-term and we all know the lifetime value of a customer can be huge and saves on spend to get a new customer.


Again, as with my previous post this isn’t a complete list, but more the things I look for if you want me as a customer. They aren’t hard to execute and all start with a process to train and deliver. It all starts with your people and how you treat, train and reward them.


So if you have some flaws in your delivery on these items, take the time to review and see what changes you can implement in the coming year. You may just see some positive growth in your business!


Tony Ozanne

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