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Goal setting and a bit of semi nakedness!

For the last 30 days I have been completing a bit of a health kick by following a set program. I won’t plug the product, as that is not the intent, but happy to inform anyone who wants to know more.

This program required a lot of discipline, change in behaviours and some real mental changes but has been pretty easy, except for the first few days. Some of the key changes for me was I have had NO COFFEE (compared to about 6-10 large lattes each day!), no alcohol (but I did take one day off for my monthly GAF meeting but that was all), no crap food, so my ‘treats’ have been out, and just eating main meal a bit more sensibly. Now I know this isn’t business related, but it kind of is, as it relates to setting a goal and executing that goal, something that all business owners need to do regularly. Plans need to be made and followed through completely and seriously.

In addition to this and prior to starting I signed up to the October Great Cycle Challenge, where you set a goal to ride a particular number of kilometres in the month. I eagerly set 1500 as my goal, then after realising this may not be possible when I started my personal goal, I reviewed it to 1000, which wads still ambitious. I have managed to do nearly 600, including a 105 km ride for the Fitz’s Challenge. This is still more than double what I would normally do, and in hind site the timing of doing both was not realistic, or not a proper SMART goal!

So, has all this effort achieved anything….and here is where I show some vulnerability and expose myself if many ways!

On day 1 I weighed in at an awesome 100kg!! See start photos (and here is the semi nudity I promised).

At day 1 some of my key measurements were:

Weight: 100kg

Chest: 113cm

Neck: 38cm

Waist: 105cm

Thigh: 66cm

Abdomen: 111cm

Not the best of stats, but as they say, you need to start somewhere and I guess old age and too many good times catch up on us all at times!

Now for the 30 day POST analysis….

Firstly, I fulfilled the goal of ‘doing it’ (less my one day off), but the routine, and focus was met which was pleasing.

And how about the stats?

Weight = 90.5kg (down 9.5kg)

Chest: 103 cm (down 10cm)

Neck:36.5cm (down 1.5cm)

Waist: 99cm (down 6cm)

Thigh: 58cm (down 8cm)

Abdomen: 97 (down 14cm)

Total body measurement loss (there were a few more I won’t bore you with)= over 60cm all around (but I am little skeptical as the more things you measure the more the total cm loss adds to, so not sure what the standard measurements should be)

Overall, I would have to say it wasn’t that bad and the results speak for themselves. Like any goal you set, you keep questioning the ability to complete, your mind plays tricks on you and tries to get you to stop (or eat) but the key is in the mental ability to push past these thoughts.

The same can be said in business. There will be the doubters, your own self doubt, and external excuses to easily stop you from meeting a goal. As Nike say, ‘Just Do It”. Nothing is meant to be easy or else everyone would succeed, whether in personal or professional growth.

I feel the initial goal has been successful….and I feel great for doing so, and really I don’t care if people agree or disagree!

What’s your goal and how will you push past the doubters, challenges and obstacles that stand in your path?

Now go out there and hit those business, or personal goals..


Tony Ozanne


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