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  1. Taff says:

    Spot on. If it hadn’t been such a good day, and match, the problems you define could have led to some explosive incidents, with pissed off punters all around.

    • TonyOzanne says:

      Good point Taff- maybe we were just so forgiving and happy to have a game in Canberra that we put up with (or expected) to be disappointed?

  2. Matt says:

    Totally agree on the toilets. As I was there with my elderly father, the excitement of the day had well and truly caught up with him by 8:30pm and we decided to head home and watch the rest on the telly. As we were exiting the grounds he wanted to relieve himself before the trip home but the were just going up to suggest walking to the other side of the stadium. I pleaded with the security to allow my father to use the toilet rather than walk to the other side of the ground only to return to the back gate where we were being picked up. No dice. Very poor effort indeed. P1ss poor even!!

  3. Andrew says:

    I couldn’t agree more Tony. You have echoed my experience almost to the letter, with a slight exception. Early on in the day there was a 4 beer per person purchase limit. By 6 pm, that had dropped down to 2 per person. But 9pm(ish) I’m informed that had dropped to 1 per person – all of this while the only beer on offer was mid strength. While I understand responsible service of alcohol may have been behind this it certainly wasn’t restricted such as this at the PM’s XI. I also can’t see this helping the 30 minute wait in the beer queues..
    I was also informed that the beer sellers behind the hill stand had run dry by 9:30ish.

    As for the food, I learned from queuing for 20 minutes at the PM’s XI for a burger (only to be told they had run out of ingredients and there would be a further 20 minute wait..) and ate early at 4pm – when the queue was only about 5 minutes. There was an extra food van behind the hill stands that wasn’t there at the PM’s XI.

    All in all, it seemed like someone (Territory Planning and Events??) decided to take a guess on doing maths for the event, rather than doing the hard yards…

    • TonyOzanne says:

      Andrew, your comments make me glab that I ended up giving up on the beer lines…what a joke cutting down from 4 to 2 then to 1. the last time I expereinced this was in a all you can drink marquee at the Darwin Cup a few years ago, but it was getting a bit feral, and was still better organised than this event. Glad I was’t the only one with this expereince, but I do wish none of had experienced it. It ruined a good day/ night.

  4. Kerrie says:

    Well said Tony but I have a few rants of my own to add. At around 5.30 the main food outlet had run out of water completely. Add to this that the only free water available was at the bar and children were not allowed to access this due to age restrictions. To the credit of one of the bar staff she did allow a father with several children to temporarily take the container over to his children. Common sense did not prevail.
    Second to your toilet concerns. Once the toilets were closed I spoke to a patron who had taken over 20 minutes to reach the toilets not to mention the line once there. The woman ahead who was approximately 8 months pregnant was certainly not catered for! And surely the AFP have more useful things to so than guard against people urinating behind toilet blocks when facilities are so clearly inadequate.

    • TonyOzanne says:

      Kerries, I was unaware of the food issue…bummer I missed another photo opp and comment, but thanks for mentioning.

  5. Greg Simmons says:

    This truly sums up the day for me too. The local Sports Minister, Andrew Barr, promised that they would get it right after under-catering at the PM’s Eleven Match. Sadly Canberra has a way to go before it can adequately look after its patrons !