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  1. Peter says:

    What i have found is that the reason that they berate and belittle a worker instead of recognising the error is that it is far easier to throw blame than accept mistakes, something that is not unique in hospitality. To do this in the midst of a night’s service is just wrong – and may influence others to never, ever return.

    • Tony Ozanne says:

      Absolutely Peter, I seriously doubt I would ever return to this place, and have, and will continue to tell my family and friends to avoid it. There is no justification for treating people like this!

  2. Maria says:

    It’s pretty harsh treatment. We all make mistakes & as long as we are genuine in trying to fix it as quickly & effectively as possible then that should be the end of. A bit of a power trip from the daughter it seems. Like you, I’d feel awful for the waiter.