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Canberra’s new Business BOOST Centre….what is it?

Don Grgic has been in business since a young boy and has successfully operated the iconic Furniture Direct Warehouse in Fyshwick for years. He has recently launched a new business support centre for small to medium businesses and I asked him to give some insights to how it works and what it is….sounds exciting…


Tony Ozanne is a business coach. He asks lots of questions and your answers give him insights in how well you are managing your business and what guidance or advice he needs to give you to get the results you want. The key components he would be looking for is your capabilities and handle on your business. Whether you are in control or if it is controlling you.


If he asked you to tell him what your business financial status is, would you be able to give him an accurate overview of your Assets and Liabilities or maybe provide an accurate and up to date Profit and Loss statement? Or how about your projected cashflow for the next month or two or even six months? Many small business operators are not able to provide this sort of data and they do not know from day to day where their business stands financially. One of the main reasons of business failure is caused by a lack of knowledge of the financial capabilities and a business running out of money.


This is unfortunate as there are many inexpensive tools and services to help you easily manage the financial side of your business. You don’t need to wait to the end of the year to get updated figures from your accountant. And with a tough economy and tight trading conditions you as a business owner need to take advantage of any opportunity that comes your way. To do that you need to know where you stand. Not after the fact but before you make the decision. The latest cloud based tools allow you to invite your accountant to look at your files and provide advice on the spot.


So.. the question you need to ask Tony is “how do I take my business to the next level?”.


Cloud based tools.. it sounds pie in the sky.. but is actually very simple and elegant. Imagine taking the family on a holiday somewhere warm and being able to keep your finger on the pulse.. Or even finalising or approving the payroll whilst keeping an eye on the kids by the pool. This is the sort of thing cloud based tools allow us to do with very little effort.. even from your phone. Your time is valuable. Growing and maintaining your business and profits efficiently and effectively should be your primary focus.


This is where the team from Business Boost Centre can help. They take a common sense practical and cost effective approach in developing a deep understanding of your business , its needs and its unique and specific methods of operation, finding and implementing tools and improvements to provide your business with a BOOST in returns and performance.. Not to mention more time with the kids at the pool.. or beach.. or snow.. or…

Don Grgic

Business Boost Centre


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