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Not just a haircut- the ‘Wow’s’ keep coming!

Antique Salon Bonner




Today I got a haircut- nothing overly exciting there, but I wanted to share the experience, and the satisfaction I got from my experience.

I am an ‘impulse’ haircut client. If I feel the need for one, I will just walk into a place and ask if it can be done NOW- I need the instant gratification, and don’t want to wait. I remain loyal to a place, until my needs get let down. While this is probably a bit unfair as sometimes the inability to service me is at no fault of the salon, but I just don’t want to waste time waiting. As a result I have a few places on my list that I will try for the ‘walk in’ and others whom I personally boycott for constant lack of the ability to satisfy my needs.

Today I had cause to be at the newly opened Bonner shops neat home, and after a quick supermarket run, I walked past the ‘Antique Salon’ and poked my head in and asked if I could get a haircut, the answer was ‘yes” so I was in….let me share my experiences.

As a new salon, I was impressed by the simplistic design and open space, but as Jamie advised me, a few more cosmetic decorations are still to come.

I was instantly welcomed and offered a coffee which is always a nice touch that the chains don’t offer, it also came with a couple of choc coated Tiny Teddy’s which of course I ate!

Hair cut was good (I’m an easy cut), and conversation not invasive and not seeking my whole life story, just a friendly chat.

I was offered a wash at the end, which I will always take if asked, as I hate having hair all over me after a cut and usually run home for a shower as a result, so this wouldn’t be needed now. Here is were another ‘wow’ moment occurred. The chair was a comfy one, like a lounge chair and I was about to say ‘cool chair’ when my back massage started from the chair….nice….so as I lay there, I was getting a nice back massage from the chair. The hair wash was then finished off with a great head massage, which I always love and look for places that do this as an add on.

Once all finished, I was then witness to some great examples of customer data capture and repeat business potential. I was asked for my info for their database, which I didn’t mind giving, and filled out the pre-printed form. Then I was handed a $15 off voucher for a repeat visit, and another card for referring a friend with more discounts- all explained in a non intrusive or pushy manner.


I thanked Jamie and as I got home (about 10 minutes later) I got an email from them as well, so the follow up process was established and from the look of the email I will get a reminder to get my next haircut.

I felt it was important to share this story, as it was great to have a good experience with some ‘wow’ moments thrown in to make the basic haircut experience an enjoyable and relaxing one. I now have another salon on my list to look at and will definitely be back. It goes to show how easy it is to execute a pleasing experience with some old fashioned service and some cool gadgets as well!

Tony Ozanne




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