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PC or Mac?

I think the time has come to look at a new computer and having been a PC user my whole life, and not the most tech savvy person out there I am torn between my choices. I found it hard enough just to choose what type of laptop to buy last time with only one platform!

Recently I have been privy to a whole lot of programs and functions offered only by Mac devices which looked really co from a business application standpoint. One that really excited me was Pages, which gave what seemed to be easy creation of magazine type products which can be used for really cool communication instead of standard newsletters.

Also the ear in which video editing and creating occurs seems to be a big advantage over PC applications.

My only fear out there is the ease in how I will transition to this new platform if I take that path, and how the office based software I have used all this time will be able to be used, plus the big issue of ‘how do I set it all up again’.

So far I haven’t done a lot of research as I’m just starting to get my head around the thought of changing and all the specs and features don’t mean much to me- I just want something that works, is easy and will meet my needs.

Any thoughts or tips to eliminate my fears?


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  1. Hey Tony,

    I made the switch from PC to Mac a few years ago, but like you I need to run a few Windows only programs. So I installed VM-Ware fusion, which lets me run windows and mac at the same time (you do also need to pay for a copy of windows to run on your mac). Works for me.

    On a sidenote, despite owning a bunch of Mac gear, I totally don’t buy into the Mac tribalism. Horses for course, I say.



    • Thanks Matt,
      I actually went and had a look at a Mac today and have started the research phase…for once in my life I didn’t make an impulse buy as this is usually my style. The more people I talk to and the more I look at the cool applications, might be a done deal. Just need to see how long I can resist the BUY urge! The other fear is the ‘how do I set it up and transfer stuff’, but luckily I know a few ‘geeks’ who I am sure can assist with this!

      Thanks for the comments.

  2. Do it! I would never go back to a PC again. It took me a while to figure out how to use my Mac (a few weeks to get use to it) but it is so intuitive. Plus unlike a PC I didn’t have to set anything up. I opened the box, put it on the desk, turned it on, followed a couple of easy steps and there it was!! Working!!

    New software is super easy to install. All of my previous docs (word, excel and power point) came across with no problems – I do however use MS Office for Mac, not pages.

    The only downside – if you submit your own BAS the ATO website will drive you nuts. And I hate Mac Mail so I have outlook for Mac.

    If you have accounting software it won’t come across either.

    Apple have training courses to get you started, in hindsight I should have done one of those as I am positive there is heaps of stuff I don’t use.